HI 👋

Right here I'm going to tell you all the info you need to know about looking after your brand new swimmies!

Rule No. 1 - Pretty please do not machine wash me! Hand wash me in a mild detergent with some cold water.

Rule No. 2 - Please only hang me up in the shade so we don't dull my sparkle, and make sure its as soon as you take me off cause I don't like being all smelly. 

Rule No.3 - I do not like being dry-cleaned, tumble dried or have bleach put all over me so please don't do that either! 

Rule No. 4 - High amounts of chlorine are definitely not good for me! So please rinse me as soon as possible after you swim in there

Rule No. 5 - Last but not least be careful not to tan me while tanning yourself! Some tanning oils, sunscreens and fake tans might leave spots on me so just watch out! 

So if you skipped right to the end just make sure you rinse me after each use, only with cold water and then hang me to dry somewhere shady so we can do it all over again TOMORROWWW!