At Veava we sew your swims with sustainably curated deadstock, supporting our small business means supporting slow fashion always, each piece "Van"made with ample amount of love.

So so much Lovin' V xx

"A whole lotta heart, but with a little footprint"

Here at Veava we strive to create unique pieces with a whole lot of story! Each piece of swimwear is handmade in house with oh so much love, made with limited run Deadstock materials which have been sourced with a conscious mind.

We take huge pride in every piece, whether its our vintage boardies, re-vamped tees, or any of our other goodies!

Cheers for jumping on and being our passenger princess for this thing we get to call life!

A girl and her van, a love story.

Holla my guys! My name's Vayda and I am the hands/heart/soul behind Veava!

Dead Stock, What is it??

Dead stock is inventory that is unsellable. A business may find itself with dead stock because it ordered or manufactured too many items and then found they didn't sell as anticipated.